Warsaw Ghetto Resistance Memorial

Warsaw Ghetto Resistance Memorial

The next project is coming right up! I’m in rehearsals for For Honor by Lee Sankowich. It’s the story of the Warsaw Ghetto during World War II and how, despite being wildly outnumbered and low on supplies, was able to hold off the Nazis and stop the deportations to camps for a month. Stories of resistance are especially relevant at this time, and often are overlooked or brushed aside when the history of an atrocity is told. Come join us in the spirit of resistance and resilience! For tickets and info CLICK HERE.

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Hey there you! Yes you! Have you ever wondered where is the all female Chekhov group? Or what is being done to keep Jacobean tragedies contemporary and fun? Have you ever thought to yourself, “You know what would be a million dollar idea? A theatre that doubled as a pizza place,” ? Do I have a the event for you! I’m stoked to be participating in Theatre Lunatico’s Shoebox Reading Series. Next weekend starts with A Fine Day to Hang Oneself, and all female Chekhov adaptation, and next month we’ll be performing an updated version of Tis A Pity She’s A Whore. Pay what you can! Come grab a slice of pizza at La Val’s and join us. Links to the Facebook events are HERE and HERE. For more info about Theatre Lunatico CLICK HERE. And in case you’re one of those people, the menu for La Val’s is HERE.


In other news! Not really acting related but a fun storytelling event nonetheless! I am super super super super SUPER nervousexcited (which is the feeling you get when you watch the trailer for a really good horror movie or when you agree to read your adolescent journal out loud in front of people) to participate in Mortified’s Valentine’s Day Live Show! If you are unfamiliar, Mortified is a storytelling event in which adults read their teenage journals in front of an audience. I will be reading the journal I kept as I Amigos de las Americas volunteer when I was fifteen. It will be very embarrassing and kinda sweet, and probably fun. If you are in Portland, come party with us! Tickets are selling fast so hurry! For a link to Facebook event, CLICK HERE. For tickets and more info about Mortified, CLICK HERE.


San Francisco come find me! I’ll be reading Victor Lesniewski’s Tentative City at SFPlayhouse on Monday, February 11th! It is an excellent play with a great group of people at the helm. Tentative City is about a group of people living in tent city. I have been waiting for someone to write a great play about this issue that is effecting so many fast growing cities. In the spirit of the play, this reading is free and potluck style! Bring something to share and enjoy some art! For more info CLICK HERE.


One of the best things in the world is to have the chance to stay with a project as it grows and I get to do just that! I’ll be revisiting David Copperfield: the musical written by my friend Jeffrey Scharf. I worked on an earlier version of this piece with Musical Cafe and I can’t wait to return to it! For more info and tickets CLICK HERE!


Hey hey hey Seattle! Stuff is happening! I am so excited to announce that I will be participating in She is Fierce: Seattle Stories on October 12th and 13th! The theme of this storytelling event is “Coming Home.” I will be telling a story about introducing a boyfriend to my parents (spoiler alert: it does not go well!). I am thrilled to be part of this female and queer-identifying troupe. For more info and updates about She is Fierce click HERE. For more info about this specific event, click HERE.


I had an amazing time taking pictures for Clementines! I got to try on the cutest clothes and be the biggest ham. Check their website for pictures of me loving succulents and pulling faces. And oh, of course their adorable fall line. For power pantsuits, dramatic shoes and my face and feet click HERE.


GUESS WHAT?!?! I am doing something I have been itching to do for a long time-I'm gonna be on a PODCAST!! A narrative podcast to be specific called, The Sojourn, produced by Spacedock. In it I play Elizabeth Ancelet, Civilian Commander of the Avalon Expedition. We had our first read-through the other day and I cannot wait to share this with folks. Our cast and production team includes people from all over the world making it the first international project I have ever been a part of! If you like spaceships, pirates, intrigue, heroic leading ladies, and a cute queer love story to boot check us out! For more info about Spacedock click HERE. For more info and updates about The Sojourn click HERE. 


Hey! Come see me read Edessa Tailo's play Fog at the New Threads staged reading series hosted by Golden Thread Productions. I'm so lucky I'm gonna get to work with some folks I have been itching to work with for a while. Don't miss out! For more info go HERE. For tickets click HERE! 


Bondage is back!!!!!! We are doing a selection for the New Strands Festival at A.C.T. in San Francisco. So much amazing new work is about to be showcased! For info and tix click HERE. 


Friends this one means a lot to me, please please come if you can. In Ashland, Oregon for one night and one night only we will be doing a reading of The Bottle Tree by Beth Kander. I'm excited to touch this play again, especially in light of the massive movement in the country for sensible gun control. Please come and join us for the reading and discussion afterward. All proceeds will go to Sandyhook Promise. For info about the event go HERE. For info about the amazing work Sandyhook Promise does and to donate go HERE. 

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Would you believe it? Would you believe it? I'm a union member!! I'm gonna make a little bit more money! I'm gonna have a pension (sort of?)? I'm gonna maybe qualify for healthcare....? Okay but cynical stuff aside, it does feel like a major step forward in a career that rarely seems to have a clearly delineated path to success. I'm also extremely excited to start this new chapter with the nicest artistic team on the planet. I'm the mean girl Savannah in Center Rep's production of Freaky Friday this summer. Catch us at the Lesher Center for the Arts in Walnut Creek May 25-June 30! More info and tickets HERE! 


We're back!!! Just like that dinosaur movie! I can't wait to perform Star Finch's masterpiece for the second time at the American Conservatory Theater's Costume Shop!!! We are reuniting and burning it to the ground! Check out more info HERE!


One night only! I am reading a Anne Hillesland's Safety and Well-Being as part of a Stories on Stage event in Davis, CA. You can find more info about Anne's work here: www.annehillesland.com, and more info about the event HERE


So excited to be doing another reading with The Playwright's Center in San Francisco. This time reading Carol Lashof's Gap. Carol is the co-founder of Those Women Productions and an incredible playwright. For more info about the Playwright's Center and the event click HERE. For more info about Those Women and Carol click HERE

Merry Christmas and welcome to Avenue Q! This Christmas I am headed home to participate in a San Francisco holiday tradition-Avenue Q at New Conservatory Theatre Center! This will be my second time playing Kate Monster and I can't wait to return to this show and be home for the holidays. Join us in the unconventional San Franciscan holiday spirit! Get your tickets HERE! 

Oh my goodness! I am so excited to go to Whidbey Island this summer to perform at the Island Shakespeare Festival! I will be in Langley, Washington off the coast of Seattle the entire summer.  This summer we are doing Hamlet, Comedy of Errors, and The Seagull in repertory. We are being directed by Jackie Apodaca, Kyle Haden, and Andrew Fling; and we are being artistically directed by girl boss Olena Hodges! Do not miss out. If you wanna see some orcas, Shakespeare, and/or me hop on the ferry and join us! Get your tickets HERE. 

Calling all Steinbeck fans! I will be at the National Steinbeck Center on May 6th as part of the 2017 Steinbeck Festival reading the first episode of Back on Cannery Row, a TV series developed by P.J. Palmer, Eric Enno Tamm, and twenty2media. It is based on Steinbeck's friendship with the pioneering marine biologist Ed Ricketts. All the information about this event, the festival, and tickets is available here: https://www.steinbeck.org. I hope we see you there! 

As one show opens another one begins! Rehearsals are underway for Bondage.  A new play by the incredibly talented Star Finch, Bondage tells the story of a mixed race family on a Caribbean island coming to terms with the horror of slavery.  Star has written a powerful and devastating story, our cast and crew is stellar, and I am so excited to tell you that we are being lead by the incredible Elizabeth Carter. Don't miss it friends! Buy your tickets here. 

Yo! My next project is one I am very very very excited for! I am going to be returning to Sacramento Theatre Company to play Ariel in their production of The Tempest! The first performance I ever saw was a production of The Tempest. It was free in a park and needless to say, it changed my life. Buy your tickets here! Watch me do some magic and speak some Shakespeare!

So very excited to begin working on my next project! Next month I begin rehearsals at Sacramento Theatre Company for their annual production of Cinderella as Goneril, an ugly stepsister. The show is being done in the style of British pantomime, a Christmas tradition on the other side of the Atlantic (check out the Wikipedia article here, to see a picture of the Queen herself, participating in a panto production).  We run Nov. 30-Jan. 1st. Get your tickets here: http://www.sactheatre.org/shows/cinderella2016/  

See you over the Holidays! 

 You could be me for Halloween!! Number 7! Check it out: http://shakespeareandbeyond.folger.edu/2016/10/16/shakespeare-themed-halloween-costume/

I'm going home! And not only that I am going to be part of my dear friend Amy Prosser's world premiere of Things Reveal Themselves Passing Away with RE:ACT and The Encore Theater Company. She is an incredible friend and tremendous artist and I am beyond excited to tell this story. In addition I will be participating in RE:ACT and Encore's play festival "5 Plays in 5 Days" reprising my role in a reading of The Bottle Tree. I am so grateful to be a part of these new and important works in the town that I call home! See you soon San Francisco! 

Get your tickets for Things Reveal Themselves Passing Away here: https://web.ovationtix.com/trs/pr/961684

I am so excited to announce that I will be appearing in the Musical Cafe's Spring Showcase at the Flight Deck in Oakland on June 5 and 6! Musical Cafe is part of Play Cafe, an organization that provides platforms for Bay Area artists to showcase their work for more information go here: http://playcafe.org/ . If you are interested in seeing the show, buy your tickets here: 


Come support Bay Area Artists!

The Daedalus Project is coming up! It's a fundraiser to assist people living with HIV/AIDS at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival. There is a bake sale, an arts and treasures auction, a play reading, a variety show, a 5k, and much much more! If you are in Ashland from August 22-24 be sure to check it out. For tickets to the variety show (where you may see that infamous long-distance runner Emily Deerdahl) click here: https://www.osfashland.org/productions/2015-activities-and-events/daedalus-project.aspx

I am thrilled to announce that I will be taking part in the Ashland New Plays Festival this year! The Festival will run October 21-25, 2015 in Ashland, Oregon. The play readings will be Wednesday through Sunday of that week with performances at 1:30 and 7:30pm. I will be participating in readings of The Bottle Tree by Beth Kander. For more info click here:  http://www.ashlandnewplays.org/

Don't think you'll be able to make it out to D.C.? Also not a problem! After our run at the Folger we are heading to the Guthrie Theater to be reunited with our fearless leader Joseph Haj, current artistic director of the Guthrie Theater in Minneapolis! We will run January 16-February 21, 2016. Bring a jacket it's going to be cold! Get your tickets here: http://www.guthrietheater.org/plays_events/plays/pericles

Can't seem to get a ticket to Pericles Oregon Shakespeare Festival? Have no fear! We are heading to the Folger Theater in Washington D.C.! We will be there performing our show from November 13-December 20, 2015. Hope to see you there! Get your tickets here: http://www.folger.edu/events/pericles

The Oregon Fringe Festival for 2015 is sadly over! It was so fun creating an outdoor piece this year (even in the freezing water and rain). I'm not sure if I will make it back to Ashland in time for the Fringe Festival next year but hopefully I will collaborate with all the wonderful and creative people involved in this show again! 

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